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Welcome To Scipus Infotech Pvt.Ltd

Scipus, a fastest growing IT security, ELV, ICT, IoT solution provider started in 2012 based out in Kerala which provides their services into GCC region as well. HQ in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. Our operations see the long-term needs and urgent needs of our customers alike. We consider their business model and budget for the better services with the immediate and proper response. The reason Scipus is growing today’s state is because of the customers who trusted us and the talented technicians who understand clients’ needs and worked with them to meet their requirement. We provide next generation technology solutions to home segment, commercial business, schools, health care solutions, Govt. projects etc. Our aim to service our clients with less complaints with internationally certified products and assured after service.

We assure the best services through the qualified professional core team with the state-of-the art business unit. We have ample experience in the industry by serving more than 3000 clients in a decade. We are specialized in offering end to end structured connectivity solution design, ELV and ICT services.

ELV Stands for Extra Low voltage ICT stands for Information communication Technology. We scipus very well understand the future with both ELV and ICT. Come let’s take part in this revolution and make your business into the next level with the latest technologies and certified engineers.

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